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Using the Here's A Link Basic RSS Feed

You can quickly access the basic RSS Feed by clicking the RSS icon.

RSS Icon:

The basic feed shows the current top links.

Using the RSS Feed To Get Revevant Links On Your Website

You can access specific stories by adding a search term to the end of the RSS URL, for example:


You may use these feeds to place lists of relevant, and currently popular links on your website.

However you must include a relevant credit, as follows:

Links from <a href="" target="_blank">Here's A Link</a>


Get relevant links for your website from <a href="" target="_blank">Here's A Link</a>

Failure to use the correct accreditaion will result in your IP address being banned form accessing the RSS Feed. All requests are strictly monitored.

We suggest using rel="nofollow" on the feed links, but the accreditation to Here's A Link MUST be rel="follow".

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